Saturday, April 22, 2006


I have not heard much from the publisher of my Red Faber biography, and I'm told that is to be expected. Other authors cautioned me that there is lots of silence after the manuscript is submitted.

McFarland Publishers told me a couple of months ago that my manuscript, which was submitted just before Christmas, will be a fall release.

After sending an inquiry this week -- I asked, "May I assume that no news is good news?" -- McFarland surprised me with a preview of the book's cover. I was happy to see that McFarland's art department showed the good judgment to use the design developed (as a suggestion) by Brian Davis, an artist at the Telegraph Herald.

McFarland confirmed that the book will be part of its fall catalog. So, I guess this book really is going to happen!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


The Tri-County Historical Society, which was extremely helpful to me in researching and writing the Red Faber biography, hopes to improve the Faber section of its museum in Cascade.

On Wednesday evening, I met with Lee Simon, a board member and baseball afficianado, to kick around ideas for a fresher exhibit. There are challenges.

Challenge 1: The historical society and I have a great deal of information and many photographs -- no problem there -- but the museum lacks much in the way of memorabilia and bona fide Faber items.

Challenge 2: Lee is not a museum curator. Nor am I. We need professional help. We need someone who could suggest how the historical society might improve its exhibit. Our search has begun.