Thursday, June 01, 2006

AL Deadball Stars book due soon

Release of the Society of American Baseball Research book, "Deadball Stars of the American League," is imminent. I haven't heard a definite publication date, but the book is available for advance order.

Red Faber is among the stars profiled in this book, and I was honored to be asked to write his chapter.

The "Deadball Era," 1901-19, got its name from the composition of the baseball, which had a softer core than the ball put into play starting in 1920 (hence the start of the "Lively Ball Era"). Over-the-wall home runs were a rarity, and teams followed a "small ball" strategy -- singles, stolen bases, hit-and-run, etc.

Faber is among the stars who enjoyed success in both the Deadball and Lively Ball eras. His best three-season stretch, based on won-lost figures, coincided with the start of the Lively Ball Era (1920-22). However, it was during the Deadball period that he won three World Series games (1917), posted a 24-win season (1915) and won 82 games (1914-19).

This American League book is a companion to the National League volume that SABR released three years ago. When it is (finally) released, I'll update the blog.

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