Sunday, June 04, 2006

Faber's son donates to museum

On Saturday, I paid a call on Red's son, Urban II, at his home in the Chicago suburbs. My wife came along, and did a great job navigating, counting out change for the toll plazas and keeping me awake.

The occasion was to accept, on behalf of the Tri-County Historical Society, memorabilia to be displayed in the Red Faber wing of the historical society's museum in Red's native Cascade, Iowa.

We are still hoping that Urban will come to Cascade next month for a presentation at the annual semi-pro all-star game. However, due to his upcoming change of residences and health issues, that is uncertain.

I will leave it to museum officials to decide the time and method of revealing what the items are, but I will say that they were worth the trip.

Historical society officials are thrilled with the donation. The museum is short of actual Faber memorabilia, so this will be a huge help.

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