Friday, September 08, 2006

One wait to soon come to an end?

I have been waiting many months -- since Christmas, actually -- for acceptance, editing and release of my Faber biography. Actually, I have been waiting even longer for the Society of American Baseball Research's compilation of mini-biographies, Deadball Stars of the American League. I have written the chapter on Faber.

In June, authors were told release was imminent. And then it wasn't.

The wait for the Deadball book might be coming to an end. The editors said that page proofs will be available for authors' review starting next week. Apparently the proofs will be released by section, according to each player's team. I can't decide whether I want them to release the Chicago White Sox at the beginning or the end. Either way, there will be more waiting involved.


erik hogstrom said...

Great! You should bring that into the office so we can see it!

Brian Cooper said...

I'll do that, once it (finally) gets printed. I got the chance to look at page proofs of my Faber chapter -- and noted what the editor(s) changed. There were few changes, but one of them created an inaccuracy. Glad I was able to set them straight.