Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another book

It is not that I am a prolific writer. Far from it! However, it has happened that for the second time in four months, I have a new book on the market.

Actually, this time I am just one of many authors who contributed to Deadball Stars of the American League, a compilation of mini-biographies of standouts in the first two decades of the so-called "junior circuit."

I contributed the condensed biography of Urban "Red" Faber, who is the subject of my full biography released in November by McFarland & Co.

The title refers to the period in baseball prior to 1920, when the composition of the baseball, the rules and, not coincidentally, the transition from "small-ball" to "long-ball" strategy changed the nature of the game.

Edited by David Jones, the AL Deadball book is the companion to Deadball Stars of the National League, which was released three years ago.

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