Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Faber exhibit open for business

Independence Day 2007 marked the official opening of the renovated Red Faber exhibit at the Tri-County Historical Museum in Cascade, Iowa. Immediately after Cascade's July 4, the ribbon-cutting ceremony and exhibit opening enjoyed a strong turnout.

Cascade native Don Crawford, 92, who in October 1933 played in an exhibition game with Red Faber (the last competitive game in which Faber appeared) , cuts the ribbon to open the renovated Faber exhibit. At right is Lee Simon, historical society member and driving force behind the museum project.

Baseball and local history fans line up to enter the Faber exhibit. I estimate that 150-200 people came in during the first two hours.

Don Crawford, now of Des Moines, poses with another Cascade native, Gary Dolphin, "Voice of the Iowa Hawkeyes." Dolphin donated to the museum a simulated radio broadcast of the last half-inning of the 1917 World Series, when Red Faber of the White Sox closed out the New York Giants.

Most of the exhibit features photographs -- of Faber, his teammates (including the Black Sox), Hall of Fame opponents and other baseball notables of the era. Other features include Faber memorabilia; the most recent item came in as the museum opened -- the loan of a baseball that Faber autographed at the same October 1933 exhibition in which Crawford played!

If you would like to see the Faber exhibit, it might be wise to check ahead first. Regular hours are Sunday afternoons during baseball season, or by appointment (563-852-3589).

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Anonymous said...

I am related to Red Faber. I believe my grandfather was his cousin. I recall as a little child on the North side of Chicago, my grandfather, John Faber, proudly showing me a clipping from the Chicago Tribune in 1964, which chronicled Urban Faber's induction into the baseball Hall of Fame, under the old-timers provisions.

I suspect that the familial association with Red Faber was why our father occasionally took us down to Comiskey Park on the South side to see the White Sox play, until the neighborhood became untenable.

We are all North siders and Cubs fans today, but I would love to see the Red Faber exhibit, should I ever have occasion to go to Iowa.

Thanks to all of you for keeping his memory alive.

Tom Faber
Chicago, IL